Benefits of Supermarket Night Covers

Adding more value to current business operations

Supermarket refrigeration blind is an energy saving shield

Supermarket refrigeration blind is quite useful for retailers that retail grocery supplies and other perishable goods. These goods require specific temperature to remain fresh and for this reason they are stored in refrigerated units but the units are kept open for buyers.

The open design displays allow shopping but they should be closed with the store. The open front allows evaporation of cooling and the displays come with nothing to close their fronts. It is where you need blinds that are drapes made of woven aluminum that can cut down the rate of evaporation drastically.

Save energy

Energy saving commercial refrigeration blind is the answer to all your business-related worries. With all the climate sensitive goods stored in refrigerated displays and the displays duly covered with strong aluminum drapes, you can rest assured that the perishable goods would remain fresh as long as they are in the displays.

The result of using the blinds over displays will be visible in the coming months when you will find that your energy bill has been reduced considerably. Also, it will increase the shelf life of your goods. It can also be said that you will be able to store more goods to serve the growing needs of your customers.

Ease of use

Supermarket refrigeration shield is quite easy to use. Available in different shapes and sizes to cover displays of designs, the shield is set on the top to be used as a drape. And when you want to cover a display, you only need pulling it down on the showcase. It will cover the display perfect from corner to corner.

There will be no additional hardware or mechanics used for draping displays with this shield. Similarly, there will be little hassle in rolling the covers up. Also, the rolled-up covers won’t create any obstruction in shopping. They buyers can easily view the goods stored and reach out to any nook and corner of displays.


It would be a one-time investment as a shield won’t require much maintenance or repair in the coming days and for a long time. Also, it will keep the stored goods in good condition in every eventuality. It will have a very positive impact on your business.

Our supermarket refrigeration blind is designed to suit every need. We have a cover for every display including that in your retail store. Also, we can make a shield to fit on your display.

Stabilize Refrigerated Display Case Temperatures

Achieve greater refrigeration efficiency

Advantage of covering your refrigerated cabinet

A refrigerated cabinet requires a cover to reduce evaporation of cooling to the outside temperature that is always greater than the temperature in the display.

Designed for retailing, cooling units consume much energy due to their open front design. They are kept open to allow buyers to reach out to the stored goods in a hassle-free manner. But this facility comes with a huge cost that is energy until the displays are covered with shields.

We make quality display covers

Come to us for refrigerated cabinet covers and shields and get the right thing for your display units that you use for keeping climate sensitive and perishable items like dairy products, frozen food and non-vegetarian food. We have covers for displays of all sizes and we can even produce customized shields to suit individual needs.

Our display covers are easy to use

Once set, you can easily pull down and roll up a shield according to your needs. When it is shopping time, the covers should be rolled up to allow shoppers to get wide views of the display units and access the items that want to buy. But when it is time to down the shutters on store, you can pull the display covers down to save energy and the stored goods.

Cost effective

You won’t have to spend a huge amount for buying refrigerated cabinet shields that are available at a very pocket friendly price. On the contrary, you will save a good amount on your electricity bill in the long run. During night, when your store is shut, you don’t have to spend extra money on cooling the perishable items when you have the option to keep them safe at a cost-effective price.

Benefits of display covers

It is for retail outlets that sell fastest moving but perishable consumer goods including dairy items and frozen food. Your display units could be the best but you can improve their functionality by using covers that will allow the displays to retain the cool when no one is shopping. And covering the stored goods would in no way cause any harm to your goods.

Try once

Shield a refrigerated cabinet to see the difference between energy consumption before and after the shield. Also, you will find that shielding the stored goods from outside temperature increases their shelf life by keeping them fresh for a long time. It works and you will see it working.

Lower Operating Expenses in Display Fridges

Protecting profit margins

Drape your displays with fridge screen

A fridge screen is an energy saving shield for retail display units that come with refrigeration but lack closure. These open design displays work for retail businesses but they consume more energy than needed.

Smart retailing

Display units are provided refrigeration to store perishable goods that require a specific temperature for keeping the stored goods fresh for a long time. And these displays keep working all the time even when the store is shut. It is for this time that you need to cover the displays. When the store is closed, you shouldn’t let the energy eat out your profit.

Cover your displays with a fridge screen to save energy and money in the long run. It works like a drape and it will keep working for a long time giving you high return on investment. Also, it will help in smart retailing like showcasing more products and keeping climate-sensitive goods fresh for a long time.

How a display cover works?

As said earlier, it works like drape. You only need pulling the shield down on your displays before closing your store. And it is an easy job. The covers are so set that they can easily be pulled down and rolled up in a hassle-free manner. Also, they cause no disturbance or hindrance to shoppers that can access any item stored in the displays.

Made of woven aluminum fabric, a fridge screen can easily cut down the rate of evaporation in an open design display. If it is perfectly set on a display, it won’t let any space for cooling to get lost to the outer space. In this way, it will keep things cool without requiring much refrigeration. The cooling machine can work in the background without any pressure.

Cost of a display cover

How much a cover will cost you depends on factors like size of the cover. But it will never be an expensive affair. We will measure size of your displays and provide the right size shield for your units. If needed, we can even make a customized piece for your needs. And it will be a one-time investment because you won’t need changing the covers in future.

Check the right size fridge screen for your displays on your site and place your order for the shield. We will set the cover on your displays and give demo on how to use the shields. Our covers come complete with necessary fittings.

Power Outage Protection for Supermarket Refrigerated Display Cases

When the power goes out…

Improve functionality of your commercial fridge

A commercial fridge used for retailing is designed to keep stored goods cool even when the front is open for shopping. It keeps generating cool without break and this causes immense pressure on the machine.

If you can cover the refrigerator, you can make it more useful. Let your customers shop around when it is business time and cover the displays when the store is shut. In this way, you can save energy consumed during night. And you will find that a huge amount is energy is saved by shielding the displays during night.

We have the shield

We make display covers of varied sizes from smallest to largest. We can also make a shield for your commercial cooler so that it works well during night time. It will keep cooling the stored goods but won’t consume much energy as the shield will prevent evaporation of the cool. There will be no contact of display with the outside temperature.

How the shield works?

Made of woven aluminum fabric, a shield works like a protective cover for both the cooling machine and the stored goods. On the one hand, it prevents the cool from evaporating to the outside space, on the other, it keeps stored goods safe in the event of mechanical failure in the cooling machine. Also, it is easy to use.

How to use a shield?

We will measure the commercial fridge that you want to cover and provide a fitting shield for the display. It will set at the top of the unit from where you can easily pull it down to cover the unit. And when the shield isn’t in use, it can be rolled up on the top where it will remain out of sight of buyers.

There will be no compromise on the features and functionalities of the displays covered. On the contrary, covering will improve their function. You will be able to store more goods knowing that you have the necessary arrangement for keeping the perishable goods in their original condition.

Get one for your displays

Come to our site to explore the options available in display covers and choose one that fits on your displays. If you find that you need a special one, you can ask us to provide one for your commercial cooler. We will get it fixed on the display you want to cover and make sure that it works as promised.

Regardless of why you elect to install night covers, you will benefit on many levels and the true cost of ownership for Econofrost night covers far exceeds any other night cover on the market. That is why, test after test, regardless of price, Econofrost is the preferred choice among leading retailers
Contact us today and let us show you how much you can save with Econofrost!