How Do Supermarkets Cut Down On Trim?

Preventing Unnecessary Spoilage Leads To More Sustainable Operations

In a recent study on a grocery store revealed that use of supermarket covers reduce trim waste of perishable items up to 75%. In the test, the retail store demonstrated that it recovered its investment on Supermarket Covers in a couple of months by reducing the trim waste and increasing energy efficiency.

With supermarket covers, you can save on labor needed for locating and removing waste from trims and rotating fresh items to the front.

How Supermarket Covers Work on Grocery Store-

Supermarket Covers Do More Than Just Save Energy

Supermarket Covers prevent the stored goods from coming into contact with room temperature and UV radiation by making a shield before the climate sensitive goods. The reflective woven aluminum fabric makes a perfect shield against the room temperature. It improves shelf life of perishable goods by retaining the chill for longer duration.

Supermarket covers come with polyvinyl coating that makes them easy to clean and work like a hygiene barrier against dust and fine particles present in the air. Also, it prevents buildup of moisture in the display cabinets. And the Supermarket covers last for the life of display cases.

Additional Power Outage Protection

Keep Perishables Cool During Power Outages

Power outages can make refrigerated displays useless and spoil climate sensitive goods within a short time. But Supermarket covers can keep the display units free from power outages for long hours and in this way prevent damage to perishable goods.

Reduction in product spoilage both discard and shrink will increase your return on investment within a short time. With Supermarket Covers, you can protect your product investment and increase your profit margin in the long run.

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