Why Install Supermarket Covers On Your Refrigerated Display Cabinets?

Retailers Specify Supermarket Covers For A Variety Of Reasons…

Supermarket covers save energy by cutting the demand for refrigeration during night time and close hours. Also, they increase the life and functionality of expensive refrigeration cabinets. You will cover the cost of night covers within a few months and energy saving will be free for rest of the life of cooling display units.

Covering refrigerated displays during night keeps the cooling inside by cutting the display temperature from the room temperature. The displays remain cool up to 15 hours after the night covers are rolled up.

Supermarket Covers allow display units to maintain optimal temperature and humidity required for keeping the stored goods fresh. Also, the refrigeration units function more efficiently when covered.

Supermarket covers prevent store losses due to reduced condensation resulting in drying and wilting stored products.

Supermarket covers for freezer / Island End Caps

Saving Product In Open Freezer Cases

In freezer unit compartments, the cold air settles down leaving room for the hot air on the top. But night covers keep the forced hot air away from the freezer units.

Supermarket covers provide cost effective solution to increase efficiency of cooling displays by reducing refrigeration need during night time. It can also help in protecting perishable items from decaying during power outages.

OEM’s Bringing Solutions To Market

Ask Your OEM About Installing Supermarket’s night covers On Your Cases

Spiraling energy cost is a cause of worry for food vendors and retailers but use of supermarket covers can reduce the energy demand considerably during night time and close hours. Designed by refrigeration engineers, the supermarket covers can be set on display unit of any size and woven aluminum can prevent the cooling from getting lost.

Supermarket covers are installed by leading refrigeration display cabinet manufacturers. Available in custom designs and sizes, our night covers are a preferred choice of all food vendors and retailers.

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