The Unique Functions Of A Supermarket Covers

Evolution Of A Thermal Night Curtain

Food display units have open design but it makes an air curtain that prevents the cooling to evaporate to the room temperature. The open-case displays are so designed that they allow cooling to recirculate in the display cases.

Retail display designs can contain cooling but the design puts unnecessary pressure on refrigeration units. The refrigeration system has to work hard in order to generate enough cooling to keep the stored goods at their optimal temperature.

During night, when the stores are closed, the display units keep working like they do in the daytime. The defrost cycles keep occurring more frequently and for longer times but it isn’t good for temperature sensitive items. The staff has to take care of sensitive food items like milk and diary products and fruits and vegetables. And the variation in temperature is seen on the condition of perishable food items.

A Night Cover Is Born

Retailers Search For A Solution To Wilting Stock

The first ever night cover was made of vinyl. It was a thin strip of curtain that could provide little help in keeping the displays shut and cool for a long time. But it soon became an integral part of every retail store and grocery outlet.

But the retail stores were looking for a curtain that is capable of retaining the cool and preventing the hot air and UV rays from penetrating the display cases. And when the new product was launched, the store managers rushed to try the new curtain. The latest design display cover came with amazing capabilities of reflecting the heat and keeping the displays cool for a long time even without refrigeration.

Naming A Night Cover

The Many Names Of A Night Cover

A display cover is usually referred to as a night cover as it is used during night time when stores are closed for business. Also, they are called thermal night shades as they keep retail displays cool for long time. Some retailers call them thermal night curtains or shields as they are used like curtains.

With time, new designs of display covers keep coming. And the new designs are inspired by the need of retail markets. An ideal display cover is one that provides ultimate safety of the temperature sensitive goods stored in display cabinets. Also, a good design cuts energy cost by keeping the displays cool without requiring much refrigeration. Before you make an opinion on a display cover, you should compare the investment with return.

Utility companies recognize benefits of using energy saving supermarket covers and many of them give rebate in energy bills for using display covers.