Insulating Store Refrigeration Cases

Protecting Perishable Fresh Foods For Extended Shelf Life

Temperature sensitive items including food and grocery displayed in refrigerated cabinets brave heat and light that could be damaging for the stored goods.

In retail stores, sorting items in cool displays is a routine job. Every morning, the staff starts work with checking displayed items to locate the goods that are discolored or spoiled due to low moisture content. The objective is to remove the products that are no longer useful for buyers. And every time a product is removed, it incurs a cost.

Retailers that are aware about their investments work hard to increase their returns on the investments. And the only thing they can do save their investments is to use supermarket covers.

Saving Money, Time And Product

An Investment That Makes A Difference

The first advantage of supermarket covers is they prevent the temperature sensitive goods from temperature fluctuations and heat that can reduce their shelf life. The second advantage of supermarket covers is they boost efficiency of display units by reducing the need for refrigeration in the long run.

With supermarket covers, you can retain the cool inside the display units. Covering displays will stabilize temperature and reduce conditions that can melt dairy items and challenge food safety by altering shelf life of edible items.

Retail store owners can increase efficiency of their refrigerated display units used for storing climate sensitive goods. Buying supermarket covers will be an ideal investment that will give dual benefits of keeping stored goods safe and increasing energy efficiency of cooling display cabinets.

Added advantages of supermarket covers

• Keep stored goods safe during long power outages
• Maintain cool in the display units for a long time
• Support all foot safety initiatives
• Increase life and functionality of display cases/reduce maintenance cost

Use of supermarket covers keep the aisles warmer that in turn provides a pleasing shopping experience to shoppers. Since supermarket covers ensure that cool air doesn’t evaporate from the display units during night, stores that use supermarket covers feel warm in the morning hours when the stores are opened. Also, the supermarket covers remove the unnecessary pressure from the refrigeration system. When covered, the cooling displays retain the temperature and climate remains stabilized until the displays are opened. It is a one-time investment that promises highest return in a short time. Also, the profit is increased by cutting energy demand.

For retail stores, use of supermarket covers brings increased profit in the form of low expenditure on energy. Also, the profit is increased by reducing trim waste in the long run.