Supermarket Covers Is The Superior Cover

Comparing Other Covers On The Market

Designed by engineers, Supermarket covers meet the highest standard in efficiency and durability. The unique fabric made of woven aluminum makes an efficient thermal barrier for perishable stored goods in display cabinets. The covers that remain unobtrusive during the day can easily be rolled down during night time.

The woven aluminum fabric is coated with a food safe material to make a hygienic barrier. Tiny perforations in the fabric prevents accumulation of humidity in the display cabinets. It is humidity that allows buildup of mildew and bacteria on the food items.

True Cost Of Ownership

Weighing The Price And Benefits Against The Supermarket Covers Design

Supermarket covers lower the cost of ownership in the long run and no other product in the market can match its quality

Before making an opinion on a supermarket covers, you should compare the cost of ownership with the expected savings and return on the investment.

Important factors to consider while comparing investment and return

• Use of aluminum for woven fabric
• Safe for food and edible items
• Long lasting
• Modular design improves reliability
• Permanent fixture

Woven aluminum fabric: The aluminum used for making fabric for supermarket covers is laminated to a Polyethersulfone backing for improved strength. Also, it is sealed with a polyethylene clear coat to meet UL94HB requirements. It prevents accumulation of dust and it can be washed with a mild detergent.

In addition, the fabric has tiny perforations to prevent dew formation inside the display cabinets. Also, it is reinforced with a plastic material to ensure long life by reducing wear and tear from the outside.

Food safe: Supermarket covers are free from harmful particles including nano-silver particles and other anti-microbial agents that aren’t allowed to use on foot items and grocery.

Long lasting: Supermarket covers use hydraulic braking system that prevent misalignment, fabric fraying and friction while rolling up and down the covers.

Supermarket covers use steel of thicker gauge and runs on spring mechanism that makes it more durable. The covers keep working for years to come. And the quality control ensures that the covers work as promised. On the other hand, cheap covers use thin gauge nylon and lose mechanism that can fail anytime. And if it fails, it can spoil everything stored in the display cabinets.

Supermarket covers can protect your investment with top quality material that promise reliability and durability. But the bigger advantage is use of modular components that can be repaired and changed as and when required. Food retail industry is growing at a rapid pace but the retailers need night covers for their display units. And the demand for display covers is increasing day by day. But the retailers ask for quality products that give maximum return on investment.

Permanent Fixture: Supermarket covers use high-caliber mounting brackets to get added strength. Whether set on the display units or inside the canopy like factory-fitted models, the night covers set decently and work perfectly on every display case. And once installed, the night covers remain fixed to their places. Also, the display covers can be uninstalled and re-installed as and when required. For example, night covers from old model can be used in the new display cabinets.

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