Supermarket Provides An Overnight Solution With Daytime Impact

For Supermarket Refrigeration Merchandisers

Food retailers and vendors can easily reduce the energy demand of their refrigeration units by covering the open case displays with night covers made from woven aluminum that can retain the cool for a long time even without refrigeration.

Use of Supermarket covers keeps the stored goods cool for up to 15 hours after the display units are uncovered. Users have reported energy savings from 37% to 50% and waste reduction up to 75% with Supermarket covers.

Lower Your Energy Costs With Supermarket Covers

Saving Money On Costly Refrigeration Expenses

Display units at food and grocery retail stores are subject to temperature fluctuations due to their open case design where refrigerators run round the clock to maintain optimal temperature.

Supermarket Covers cut the energy demand by refrigeration units by preventing the forced hot air from the room to enter the display units. The energy saving with supermarket covers could be up to 50%.

Using Supermarket covers will make you eligible for grants from utility companies as our products are recognized by local and federal government as energy saving covers.

Some of our customers have even received tax benefits for installing Supermarket covers.

Supermarket Covers Lower Utility Bills And Operating Costs

Retrofit And OEM Supermarket Covers Products Generate Savings Every Day

Supermarket covers can lower monthly utility bills by cutting down the energy demand by open design refrigeration units and taking the load off from the cooling compartments.

Use of Supermarket Covers cut compressor run time leading to efficient refrigeration and lesser defrost cycles that allow stability in cooling cabinet temperatures.

The overall benefit of night covers is greater conservation of energy and lower operating cost that will increase your monthly savings in the utility bills.

Using Supermarket covers is super easy as it includes simply rolling up and down the covers on the refrigerated display cases.

Supermarket covers can increase shelf life of climate sensitive items in addition to boosting energy efficiency of refrigerated display cabinets.

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